Orlando Surge Protection Specialists

SurgeHelp protect your Orlando home's electrical system against the potential damage that unpredictable power surges can cause and speak with the electrical pros at Honey Electrical about a professional surge protection solution.

Orlando Whole Home Surge Protection

TrustedWith the abundance of electrical equipment we have in our homes and work places, it is vital we protect them from the damage that power surges can cause. Power surges aren't just caused by electrical storms - they can originate from your utility supplier, poor wiring, faulty wiring and appliances and cause often irreparable damage to computers, TVs, music systems, stored data and potentially lead to electrical fires. At Honey Electrical, we'll expertly assess your home and electrical needs and perform a professional design and installation of the perfect surge protection solution to cover your home and electrical equipment.

The Best Surge Protection Systems

FastOur expert electricians can show you the very latest surge protection systems on the market and ensure you choose the one that suits your needs the best. We can discuss each model's unique features such as Voltage Protection Ratings (VPRs), Joule Ratings and response times to help you enjoy surge protection that provides maximum protection for your home or business.

Professional Installations

With something as important as surge protection, a professional installation is vital, so you can rest assured knowing that Honey Electrical are fully licensed and insured and all our technicians are experienced and trained electrical experts who will perform a professional installation of your new surge protection system.

Up-Front Pricing

You'll know the full cost of your surge protection installation or service ahead of time with our up front, per job pricing model.

Outstanding Warranties

Our surge protection experts can show you the best surge protection systems with the right manufacturer warranty.

For a comprehensive surge-protection solution for your home or business in Orlando, call and speak with the surge protection specialists at Honey Electrical today.

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