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UpgradesEnsure your home or business has a reliable and sufficient power supply to meet your Orlando home's demands and speak with the electrical and distribution panel board experts at Honey Electrical.

Discover how Honey Electrical can assist with your electrical panel requirements today:

Electrical Panel Board Repairs & Upgrades

FastIf the power supply in your home or business has become unreliable, a faulty panel board may well be the cause. Our reliance on electrical appliances has increased significantly and older panel boards often struggle to handle the load. Honey Electrical can perform a full assessment of your panel board and perform any repairs, capacity upgrades or new installations required to ensure you have a reliable power supply and reduce the risk of electrocution and electrical fires in your home or business.

Capacity Upgrades

TrustedIf you've added high-demand electrical items or have extended your home or business, your current panel board might not be able to meet the additional demand safely or reliably. Our expert electricians can quickly determine if a capacity upgrade is appropriate and perform a professional installation at a time that suits you.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

To help keep your family safe from the threat of electrocution at home in Orlando, consider a GFCI solution from Honey Electrical. A GFCI can automatically detect the power supply irregularities that cause electrocution and instantly shut-off the power. Our expert electricians can discuss the GFCI solution that would be most appropriate for your home and provide a professional installation that you can rely on.

Fuse Box To Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Honey Electrical can upgrade all of your older style fuse boxes to a more modern circuit breaker so now you can restore power with just the flick of a switch. You'll never need to replace fuses or search for spare fuse wire in the dark again.

Usage Monitors

For help reducing your energy consumption and costs we can assist with a usage monitor which will accurately measure current energy usage and help you to monitor and assess the impact of any energy saving changes you make.

Clear Prices Up Front

Honey Electrical clear, up-front prices helps reduce confusion and ensures there will never be any unpleasant surprises once work is finished. Our “Per Job” price remains fixed in advance so you don't need to worry!

Expert Electricians

Honey Electrical is fully licensed and insured to give you that total peace of mind that comes knowing your work is being performed by expert electricians.

For professional panel board and electrical solutions for your home or business in Orlando, call and speak with the helpful and friendly electricians at Honey Electrical today.

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